• A safer and better world

    The safety and well-being of billions of people relies on infrastructure being able to deliver critical services – providing, protecting and connecting us – whatever the future has in store.

From the blog

  • Making the case for investment in resilient infrastructure
    Lisa Dickson, Associate Principal and Director of Resilience for the Americas, Arup, writes a guest blog on financing urban infrastructure and how the case for resilience can be made.
  • Accelerating Safety Solutions
    We recently got the opportunity to learn more about the new Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator. Read more about the current challenges - interested companies should apply for this first round by the 5th August.
  • MMI, Schumacher Institute and Dr Igor Linkov appointed to work with us
    We are delighted to announce that we have appointed three grantees to work with us on our 'Tools and approaches' project. We had 35 great responses to our previous EOI. Our chosen grantees include MMI Engineering, the Schumacher Institute and Dr Igor Linkov.
  • Data, technology and resilience – challenge or opportunity?
    Is technology actually contributing to enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure, or is it hindering it? We are exploring how we can contribute to understand this question through our activities, and would love to hear your views.

The Resilience Shift wants to re-orient professional practice from a focus on infrastructure as an asset, to a focus on infrastructure as part of a system that provides services under both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

Join us and the growing community of experts engaged in doing resilience, valuing resilience, and scaling up resilience across sectors and industries.

The Resilience Shift is a global initiative to catalyse resilience within and between critical infrastructure sectors.