"Ideas pull the trigger but instinct loads the gun"  Don Marquis

Feeding the ideas pipeline

In line with two of our operating principles – Be Open, and Learn by Doing, we have not fixed all of our activities for the next four years.

We are very receptive to new ideas, wherever they come from, and we have an ideas pipeline that allows us to review these and decide what to do with them.

The launch of our website, plus the stakeholder engagement, the events and the publications, are starting to build activity and interest in the Resilience Shift. During Q1 2018 we have developed a clear process for capturing, reviewing, and progressing ideas, wherever they come from.

  • Internal (team meetings, brainstorming sessions, coffee breaks)
  • Wider two-way scanning (they come to us, we look at what’s happening)
  • LRF and Arup providing suggestions, contacts, links
  • External (conversations, insights and learnings from publications, news, events
  • Our ‘back burner’ (we developed a number of projects at the end of 2017. Some of these are ongoing, some are being re-worked, others are on hold but not forgotten)
  • Direct approaches - If you have exciting ideas that meet our criteria, please get in touch

Our process for progressing ideas

We have a decision-driven process that sets out for team members and other stakeholders how and why we move an idea through to a candidate project or investment. The stages from receiving an idea to being in a position to award grants, are as follows: 1. Receive the idea 2. Move forward and manage as a lead 3. Move forward and scope as an opportunity 4. Award and deliver as a project or an investment.


New ideas come from a number of sources

At each stage the Resilience Shift leadership will check and challenge that this is the right thing to do, that we know why we are doing it, and for whom, and that all stakeholders have a clear definition of success.

This follows the process shown below which illustrates what we mean by ‘decision-driven’. This process is applied repeatedly as we progress ideas through.